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Oh why are we waiting, oh why oh why?

Am in work and feeling ill, though not as ill as I was this morning, when I had to call on the courageous ciphergoth to rescue me. I am now no longer in danger of throwing up, and I swear I will remember to never ever eat anything that sibelian has left behind again ever.

Still, I've got my triceratops with me in case I start feeling worse, and knitting to do, because in no way do I feel up to doing any actual work like I'd planned - I'm just about up to the cup washing and door answering that I'm here to do, the rest will just have to wait. Meanwhile...

Herewith one Xmas meme:-

Things I like about Xmas: Well I like having holiday, and I like people giving me presents, but I'd much rather it could happen at a time of year of my choosing. Gothy type Xmas dressy up clothes I like, especially when they're in the sales in January. Oh, and some of the less Xmassy Xmas lights are OK, like the white ones on trees - they're nice.

Things I don't like about Xmas: adverts, crowds, having to give people presents all at once when I can't afford to, people giving me gifts that are a waste of resources (such as plastic, packaging, wrapping paper and my precious time), the Salvation Army playing carols outside my window, the hideous music in shops and pubs and fucking everywhere, guilt trips from my family, being harassed to go to a work "Christmas meal" in Harvey Nicks ferfucksake and spend £25 quid on it, the fact that it starts in September, the dreadful TV, the lack of public transport and other vital services, Santa, all red and green things, pooping reindeer toys, shop workers being made to wear cheery Xmas hats and looking about as cheery in them as I would, tinsel deely boppers, mince pies, Xmas cake, and people telling me to fucking cheer up it's Christmas.

Humbug! Mmmm humbugs.
Tags: meme/survey
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