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'Til the morning brings my train

Today I was in Glasgow, and nearly drowned, having dressed for a lovely sunny day such as we did not get. Since it was my last day in Glasgow on expenses until September I spent quite a lot, but on very cheap things, so that's all right. I got spiderweb tights in Hellfire, black wedgy sandals in TKMaxx, and a pink fishnet vest, a black cyber-y vest with pink edging and a slashed bit, a fishnet long sleeved top, pink and black striped socks (which came with a black and white striped pair I don't want), ordinary knee highs and some fishnet knee highs in both black and pink all in Primark. The Primark haul cost me £16 in total, which seems reasonable :-) However the evil tart at the till in Primark pissed me off mightily by asking if the pink stuff was for my daughter! Well actually she didn't ask, she just said "Ooh, everyone's wearing those now - they'll be for your daughter, then?" Cow. Am now paranoid that I'll look like mutton dressed as lamb, or as if I have a sixteen year old daughter*, or something.

Oh, and Holes is a most excellent read. I'm very glad that I put off reading it for so long, so that I had something left to enjoy...

*With apologies to those who have teenage daughters and still look fab, naturally. You guys are a great argument against my paranoia.
Urgh. Didn't sleep last night due to Jazz being followed by beautiful balmy weather and people hanging about under my window. I popped into the Holyrood briefly, but didn't feel very chatty. Still it's nice to live close enough to be able to pop into the Holyrood for one drink and then not feel I've wasted my time when I go home early.

The first flat meal with Rachael went well, and we got a lot of paper work sorted out. With some new flatmates I might worry about introducing the idea of flat meetings, but with someone who's grown up in a community it's a lot easier - although there are some hippy practices, such as singing to the food, which I refuse to adopt...

Anyway I've now done a few more jobs like requested a new Council Tax book, which was unreasonably difficult - the woman I spoke to seemed to find it hard to believe that I was actually asking to be billed. Am annoyed though that I will have to get a new photo driving license, since I can't just change the name on my paper one :-(

I'm going to Mir to watch the last Angel tonight, which I'm not looking forward to. I know it will be OK once I'm there because I'll have Angel to watch, but I hate going back now. At least I can pick up my curtains this time, which should help me sleep better (and the dining room chairs - Sandy had to sit on the piano stool for dinner last night).

I should go do some work now. Hello smurfgasm - do I know you?

Spreading a memory all through the sky

My moods have been going up and down like a thing that goes up and down a lot, so I'm going to use this to record some of the good bits. Apologies for cluttering up you friends list with boring shite, but you don't have to read it.

Anyway, last night Sandy put up my red and purple cloths and masks, and I put up the pictures I wanted in my room. I can't keep all my pictures, as I have a lot less wall than I used to, so some are going to have to go in the living room, and the meaningless Fritz Klein award may have to go in the bin, which serves it right (I'd rather keep my MSc in actively seeking work).

So last night I slept under pretty things with my Venetian masks watching over me. And I slept well. And Jon came round and we had a pleasant chat and a beer. Which was nice.

Next I must buy a blanket box, among other things. Maybe the time for the dreaded trip to Ikea has come - anyone want to take me there?

we're chained

I also still have ethernet cable to pin up, and a long extension to the TV to make. We'll need four sockets near the TV now and maybe another few later, as well as the ariel, and naturally we have decided to put it against a wall with none. We also need four sources of power near the phone (for radiophone, answerphone, hub and modem), and of course there were none, so all four power leads are currently running under the door to the kitchen. All this has decided me that all houses built under my rule in future should have a power/data strip running around every wall that you can jack into at any point (and of course all phone, network and TV should run down the same cable). Also every electrical device should run off the same voltage as said strip and not require all those chunky and subtly different adapters which don't-quite-fit on the multiway. My hub doesn't even say on it what voltage it wants, and guess who didn't lable which adapter belonged to which device before she moved? Now I'm going round labelling them with a silver pen to prevent a repeat performance...

Also neither my LJ client nor Explorer will recognise the internet from this computer, while Mozilla is fine, which is weird. Ho hum.

And am now late for work. More rantage will have to wait.
Quick question. Does anyone know how much ethernet cable minds being trodden on? Will it be OK if I run it under the hall carpet?

"Politics go so good with beer"

Am really tired but I had a lovely party. I managed to stay until dawn, but I left in order to have sex, which I think is a good reason... I particularly enjoyed seeing Nik's kilt ensemble, which suited him better than I'd though possible. Other highlights include Andrew breaking the kazoo by trying to play Iggy Pop with it, which is a thing not to attempt lightly, and watching Rachael meeting Steve, which went pretty much as I expected.

Sorry, I'm far too tired to make any sense right now, but at least we have internetty goodness, and now I can sleep so I can go to Stirling bright and early tomorrow. Ugh.

She bop--he bop--a--we bop

Woohoo! Internetty goodness! Now to see if it works when it's unplugged and plugged back in a more sensible configuration (rather than having all the boxes and three miles of cable in my room).
I am not going to do the relationship status meme, because it's depressing - which is daft because I'm very happy with how things are going with Jon, who I love very much, and Sandy is my Mouse, which is just right, so stuff competing with the cool kids.

Am pissed off with Sky at the moment. I thought we'd be getting two Angel episode tonight, but no, we get a crap Buffy documentary and have to wait til next week for the last episode. Which means leaving my TV at Mir for another week. Boo!

And *still* no ADSL. Not a happy bunny. In fact I may be a Laser-Eyed Bunny - beware my deadly gaze!

OK, going home to ADSL-less flat now.

get yourself connected

Hurrah! I have a mouse! Now I can browse LJ at modem speeds in greater comfort (yes, still no ADSL) Still, at least this lack of internet (and TV) gives me more incentive to get the flat sorted out instead of vegging in front of a cathode ray tube.

Tonight I plan to sort out the bathroom, which doesn't sound like much, but is. I've also ordered some food for tomorrow, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Tesco can handle this address as well as they did the last one. Gosh, isn't my life interesting and fruitful?

small Jean Genie snuck off to the city

I should just like to mention, since I have neglected to do so, that I am really quite happy at the moment. in spite of the stress and the huge amount of work of the last week or two, when I go back to my flat I look around at the bustle and walk through the pleasantly warm evening air, and think "I live here" and I am filled with a warm little glow. I feel like I'm living in a real city and I love it to bits.

What's the story?

Am at work and not dead, so things could be said to be going OK. Not having any fun, mind you, but I'm sure I'll cope.

The flat's looking good, and I'm beginning to get used to being there. We threw out HUGE piles of boxes last night, so it feels a lot nicer and like a home. Next I need to unpack rocks and ornaments and stuff. I've unpacked all my books and vinyl and CDs, but they're all still in pretty much random order, so one rainy day I'll have to sort them out. Rachael managed to move and unpack all in one afternoon, which astounds me.

I have to go into a meeting now. Bah!
Woohoo! Am managing to update from Laputa. Admittedly using old old old machine via a modem and Freenet and No Mouse (grrr) because the bastard machine wants a serial mouse that I no longer have, but still, it's a triumph of sorts, and one I'm vey grateful to pavlos for.

So, how is it? It's still sprinkled with boxes, but Rachael has arrived, and as soon as I get a mouse I'll get her on LJ, and we've put all the furniture together and sorted out the kitchen and stuff. Looks like our housewarming will be on the 19th July - get in touch soon if you want crash space...

I am absolutely shattered, and I have to be in Stirling tomorrow morning (but at least I'm even nearer to Waverley than I was to Haymarket), but I am well, and mostly happy, and I'll see many of you at Mir next Saturday, I hope.

it's the end of the world as we know it

It's the end of an era. And I don't mean Buffy. Whatever...
By a minor miracle I have worked out how to fit my furniture into my new room. Probably. Since it is a room of Lovecraftian dimensions we'll really have to wait and see.

Tonight is takeaway pizza night as soon we will have packed all the cutlery and crockery. This is OK as it's traditional, and house moving would be incomplete without it. Paul and Sandy are busy being butch taking Sandy's loft bed apart. Being an Ikea masterpiece with barely a surplus piece of wood in it, this entails more dismantling than we'd really like - I only hope it can be put back up...
Who wants a domain name? bisexy.org.uk is expiring and I don't want it anymore - can anyone offer it a good home before it gets grabbed by bad pornographers?

Almost everything is packed in my room except this computer, which will have to be dismantled soon. After that I will be offline probably until I'm back at work on Friday, and I don't know how long it will take to get home access going again. Wish me luck...

Sell me a coat cos I feel cold

Got a telling off for being so late this morning, so I'd better do some stuff. One quick question first, though - can anyone out there in LJ land recommend a good Webmail provider that won't spam me to death? (unlikely, I know) I may be off line at home for a while after moving, and it would be nice to have a temporary address...

This don't swim--this fly

Thanks to ciphergoth, skx, nik_strychnine, ducklofty, hfnuala, pavlos and Jen my room at Laputa is now painted cream and all the hideous wallpaper in Sandy's room is gone. Hurrah! I now ache all over, but at least I feel that I can move in without immediately sinking into a deep dark wallpaper related depression (and I'm only half joking there). Special thanks go to Nuala for staying so late, and to Pavlos for the loan of his fantastic espresso machine, without which we would have fallen over much earlier.A photo of my lovely creamy room may follow when Paul wakes up, meanwhile I have been up since 8.30, packing and ripping CDs. I am currently taking a break from wrapping individual rocks in bubbles, which gets dull after a while...

This afternoon I intend to take a break to visit the Meadows and see if I can find a lodestone for the new flat before it falls down. It's usually good for rocks, so I might be lucky. If not it'll have to depend on fridge magnets till I get my act together.

Go! Box Frenzy!

Have booked remover, and boxes arrive tonight.

I want to go home so I can look at my nice new flat, and buy paint and stuff. It's too sunny to be stuck in here (especially since the database is broken *stares pointedly at Alex*).

It is, of course, utterly pointless to look at paint colours online, especially from a Mac. Silly rabbit.

And once again I have Good Hair! Go me! (Must remember to get a cap of some kind to keep paint out of it.)

5th Jun, 2003

Another teeny tiny request. Has anyone got a small telly that I can borrow for the evenings of 12 and 19th June. Since Telewest are charging us for the next month (bastards), I could take advantage of that and go back to mir with TV and video and capture Buffy and Angel that way...
Well the stress is back but at least it's different stress - further advanced stress, with an end even, possibly, in sight.

Current wallpaper related thoughts are to try painting over it before starting to strip paper, which would make it possible to change our minds. Even very finickity sticking of existing paper would be less time consuming that stripping. That would mean buying paint and glue on Friday night and getting a lot of little helpers to come round over the weekend. If you want to come and hold a paintbrush for a bit and get a sneak preview of the new flat, let me know. Jen from work says she'll do some. Go on, it will be fun! (And even if you don't help much, we'd like company).

It now looks like we'll be doing the actual move on Wednesday, which is the only day anyone has free. The removers are incredibly expensive, though not as much as the first quote we got. I have finally managed to tell Telewest to cut us off, and slowly things are managing to proceed. And tonight I get my hair dyed, which should act as some essential time out. I just wish work wasn't being stress now as well, but then it always is.

when father papered the ceiling

Once again I must consult with the hive mind that is LJ. Me and sibelian have been (graciously!) given permission to remove the flowery wallpaper in our new flat and paint the walls white or cream. So who out there has experience of wallpaper removal and what's the best way to go about it. Especially since we have high ceilings (though we do have access to a ladder, which it would take a roof rack to move from Mir to Laputa). Should we hire a wall paper stripper, and if so where from. Will we need to prepare the walls before painting them? We're only doing the walls because we only have a few days for this, but I'm quite keen to get rid of that wallpaper...

I am tired, I am weary

And my elbow hurts because I slept on it in a funny way. OK that's not very poetic but it's has the poetry of truth.

Phoned a few removal companies and found them booked up, which is discouraging, but I found one which may be able to do Wednesday 11th. This would mean getting someone else to record Buffy and Angel for us, or leaving the TV and video behind and moving it later...

I can't think of anything else to say, so here is a picture of an elephantCollapse )

An island flying through the sky

We have the keys to our new flat! Hurrah! *does a little dance* I feel so much better now, even though we have loads still to do. We did scary lease signing and cheque writing this afternoon, and then Sandy bought mugs and coffee and milk and we had coffee and measured the place and walked round it going coo. We now have a mug which says "beware of the toast with no ears" which is cool too.

And the name of the new flat is called - ta da!

Hence the title, and the new icon (which is by Escher).

Happy now.

The angels wanna wear my red shoes

The agents have received Sandy's reference! That means we can go and sign the lease tomorrow!! (And give them a HUGE amount of money. Boo!) Me does the happy dance.

I obviously think that these Evangelical Christians are bananas, but their bloody mindedness makes me smile. If only everyone was prepared to tell their parents when to get off like that...
Sometimes I will randomly decide to boycott a meme. The LJ match thingy is one such. I got pissed off at the very first page of their form, and when I started to see more and more results from their I was glad I hadn't bothered. One point that people might like to bear in mind: persnickety people are only compatible with each other if they are persnickety about the same things. Also compatibilities of over 106% are not reassuring...

Grrr. Aarrgh.

Does anyone know where I can find out what S2 is supposed to do - so I can tell if some of it's more annoying aspects are bugs or 'features'? At the moment I am actually considering taking people who use it of of my active friends list, because I refuse to leave comments on posts which give me no way of deleting them.

Wearing shades at night is never enough

I'm thinking about the questions katyha asked in this entry.

This is a hard one to answer for me because my housing is in transition, and sometimes thinking about it makes me unhappy, but right now I'm cheerful, so it's safe to note down some essentials...
1. Anywhere I live needs to be:-
  • In a city
  • Central
  • Networked with broadband
  • With Sandy
  • Big enough for parties
  • Big enough to have at least one room for every person

2. My ideal home would also be:-
  • Large
  • Purple (OK, not totally purple, but decorated by Lawrence Llewelyn-Bowen)
  • Have a garden big enough for barbeques, woodwork etc
  • Home to at least one cat
  • With somewhere between two and five flat mates
  • Have crash space to offer
  • Have enough rooms for (some of) a library, darkroom, studio, office
  • Owned by me
  • Called Morada

It is cheering to note that the new flat will have everything from list one, plus the large living room with crash space. I won't be calling it Morada, because I'm saving that name, but it will do for now.

I believe in happiness I believe in love

Gosh, I actually seem to feel quite good this morning, which is a pleasant surprise. One major conference is behind us, which is one good reason, and I had a lovely time watching Buffy and drinking wine *without* getting a killer hangover, which is another. And it's sunny but not too hot, and Friday, and my bosses aren't here. Hurrah!

Am wondering whether to go to Dogma tonight in order to be awake for whatever we can see of the eclipse. On the other hand I could just go to the Holyrood and forget it. I'm supposed to be seeing Jon, but we haven't decided what to do yet. Any suggestions?

The Fiery Death of Mir

After nearly four years providing habitation in geostationary orbit many metres above Edinburgh, Space Station Mir is going for splashdown. Come celebrate the life and work of this pioneering vessel at our Fiery Death of Mir party. Dock with Mir from 10pm onwards on Saturday 21 June, which also happens to be summer solstice, so we're bound to be up past the very early dawn...

We'll all be moved out by then, so there'll be very little furniture. If you fancy lending us any big beanbags, blow-up chairs etc, mail me. We can provide some crash space if you ask well in advance. Mail us if you don't already have the address...
A quote I must share from Television Without Pity's recap of Firefly. (a great site, but beware of Buffy spoilerage)
This girl is a 'Hollywood Geek' -- a pretty, pretty girl who is stuck into lumpy clothing, given an unflattering hairstyle, and denied make-up, all to try to convince us that she's not a pretty, pretty girl. Then, of course, she'll get all 'gussied up' for some reason or another and knock everybody's socks off. Everybody, that is, who isn't already aware that this is already a pretty, pretty girl.

Three loud cheers! When are we gonna get less than pretty geek girls on TV. Like, Willow was originally supposed to be fat, but that would have been Too Much for the Network. Blah.

Meanwhile, back in my brain, why do I always dream of floods when I'm under stress? I'm obviously under a lot of stress because last night was a major mega tsunami, and, stupidly, I was trying to climb up the tower of a church made of bamboo to get high enough to avoid it. Yeah, like that would work. These dreams are never nightmares, though. I mean, we didn't get to the bit where the wave crashes down and turns the church into so much kindling (well, damp kindling, anyway - driftwood, maybe). And I wasn't scared, and often I dream that I can fly/swim through the floods with no discomfort. But huh? Oh well, back to work I guess...
Am feeling better today, so I shall be whining less for a bit, maybe. Yesterday was very productive at work, and I also got four boxes packed when I got home (rather than my usual two). My LPs, tapes and some more books are now packed, as well as the whole of Babylon 5 on video, which just fitted in one big box which I then found it hard to move. Also calar came round to return my copy of Fourth Mansions, which I'd been missing, and we watched an episode of Firefly and ate fairy cakes courtesy of sibelian.

Firefly is actually pretty good once you get past the Wild West conceit, but I can see why it didn't last long. The dialogue often shows the old Josh spark, and the plot is well put together, if a little predictable, but the music is driving me nuts. I'm certainly going to keep watching, though (assuming I can get Sci-fi by some means in the new flat...).

sibelian is working late tonight again, but I have food arriving, and maybe I'll do some housework, and I have the second episode of Firefly on video because I didn't want to watch two in a row, so I'm sure I can manage to entertain myself, and tomorrow ciphergoth arrives. Can you tell I'm not very good at being on my own yet?
Fuck me but i've got a lot done today - with the help of my sexy Delegate Pack Technicians, naturally.

I would just like to say that I hate hate HATE the new style scheme. Why in order to read comments on people's entries should I have to see things in *their* style and colours rather than my own? Especially when some people chose such eye watering colours... If this doesn't get fixed I will no longer be encouraging people to use lj-cut because it just makes things worse. Grrr!

Looks like I can get ADSL at the new flat at least, but I still don't understand it, and I won't be able to do much until I'm in a position to order my BT connection. Help would be very much appreciated with the whole process...

And today I took advantage of a special offer at Boots and bought a three month supply of St John's Wort. It worked OK for me before when I was mildly depressed, so it's got to be worth a go, if only to get me through flat moving hell.

A big mistake, sent back an empty box

OK, it seems that my lovely new flat isn't covered by any either NTL or Telewest. "Because it's so central", says the Telewest phoneline (yeah, that doesn't make sense to me either). So I guess I'll be going back to BT. So, do any of you guys know how to find out if I can get ADSL (and how to instal it?). Also, is there any way I can get Sky TV short of buying a dish? I'm really quite anxious to know...

Fill it up and send it back

There are two updates I could do about this weekend. If I was feeling clever I could do them in a table so they could be read side by side, thus indicating that I seem to be feeling both versions at the same time - but I'm not so I won't. I will leave instead it as an exercise for the reader.
Version 1Collapse )
Version 2Collapse )

Don't mind me, I'm just schitzoid... Now, how to go about believing Version 1 and dismissing Version 2?
Another symptom of my low mood is that I really can't be arsed with these long long memes...

But on the good news front, Rachael really likes the flat and wants to move in with us. And it's now 4pm. I may be able to survive the rest of the day, just.

And tonight I have to try to deal with Telewest. Woo fucking hoo.
Thanks to everyone who helped cheer me up yesterday - I'm still feeling somewhat fragile, but I had a good time drinking wine and watching Buffy last night (well, Angel, really, Buffy was a bit poor). adjectivemarcus is arriving tonight, so I suppose I should think of something to do with him. First, though I have to go to the new flat with Rachael and a tape measure. Work is still being pish, but that's more or less what you expect, I guess, I'll take more pictures of the flat to cheer me up...
Am a bit scared of posting this, but on the other hand I'm hating work and crave any entertainment I can get, so go ahead, tell me the truth! (The only thing that would really upset me would be if no-one answered)

1. When and how did we meet?
2. Have you ever seen me with my shirt off?
3. Have you ever seen me cry?
4. Describe me in four adjectives:
5. If we could spend a day together what would we do?
6. Have we ever gotten in a fight?
7. If you could give me a present what would it be?
8. Would you hug me?
9. What do you really think of me?
10. Have we ever kissed?
11. Has there ever been anything you wanted to tell me, but were scared to?
12. Wanna make out?
13. Name one thing you don't like about me:
14. What song/band makes you think of me?
15. Name one thing you envy about me:

as breathing flows my mind secedes

If I end up spending many more nights alone I may have to learn to use the dreaded irc. Meanwhile I'm burning Paul's CD collection between packing and moping. More boxes have been filled, however. My aim is to pack as much as I can without dismantling my life - and it's amazing how much that's possible, which shows how many things I have that I hardly ever need access to. Am still dreading packing kitchen stuff and other stupid shaped stuff though. Most proper removers seem to want everything in boxes, including hi-fi, computer, kettle etc, and I can't remember how we did that last time.

One thing I did do today though was get back in touch with Rachael, our hopefully soon to be new flatmate. We found her through an ad she put up in The Elephant House, and she seems lovely. I mustn't say anything too personal about her as I intend to introduce her to LJ as soon as I can. In some ways she doesn't have a lot in common with us, and that and the fact that she's 18 is a bit scary, but we hit it off straight away and I didn't guess her age until she said she'd seen some Buffy when she was eleven (!!!). And at least being young she has accumulated a bit less junk than me, so she'll probably fit in the small bedroom OK. She plays the guitar and the piano, to, so she can jam with Sandy. Anyway, I've arranged to go back to the flat on Friday lunchtime with her so she can see it and fill in some forms and I can measure and stuff.

And now for some messages...

kerrycat (or any of the Manchester crew) - are you going to be able to pick up that box of bi stuff or what do you want me to do with it?

lovingboth - did you decide whether you wanted any Loving Mores with your Bi Monthly #1? What address should I post it to?

And who wants to go to the Matrix Reloaded with me?
After last weekend I feel the need to do something good. What to do this weekend? Marcus is coming to visit, but there's not a lot on that I want to do. I don't fancy paying £15 for a ticket to The Festival of the Sea (unless Marcus desperately wants a pirate hat), but I might fancy a visit to the Mind Body and Wallet fair on Saturday, where we can laugh at the New Agers and get a cheap massage.

I'm thinking of having a small select soiree round mind on Saturday night, though - is anyone else interested in coming? Or are you all going to the Mish?

Plus The BBC 100 books memeCollapse )


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