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Project Abbenay: Things seeking homes

As I try to fit myself into new flat I have a bunch of stuff to get rid of. It will need to be collected from Caledonian Place. A lot of it will end up donated or ebayed if I don't get takers here, but mates get first dibs...

Does anyone want: 
  1. Ikea Ivar shelving unit with cabinet and four shelves (was my drinks cabinet with the dragons on). 30cm deep, 226cm tall and 85cm wide, would cost £89 new, £30 or make me an offer
  2. Set of drawers for an Ivar unit 50cm deep by 85cm wide. Its possible Ill be getting rid of the whole unit, so let me know if youre interested in that, but I at least want rid of the drawers
  3. Hi Fi separates: Sony CD player CDP XE530 (cannot believe these things are getting listed as vintage on ebay!) £15 or offer
  4. Sherwood Amp AI2210 Amplifier £20
  5. Gale reference monitor speakers and cables £20 
  6. A 10 year old Acoustic Solutions DVD player  was still working last I checked, free
  7. Plain white cylinder lamp shade 33cm diameter 20cm tall, free
  8. Turquoise rug, 99 x 130cm, free
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2nd Jun, 2015 12:24 (UTC)
Alex would like the buy the CD player please.
2nd Jun, 2015 13:34 (UTC)
Yes to the CD player if it's still going. It's significantly newer than my Pioneer SA-130 amplifier, manufactured between 1977-1979.
2nd Jun, 2015 14:01 (UTC)
Cool, let me know when you want to come and get it and its yours
2nd Jun, 2015 19:19 (UTC)
Are the speakers still available? If so, what model number? (Want to look them up before I commit, but I could do with a spare pair ...)
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