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Jewellery for sale part 2

Once again I need to make some money for Reasons, so here are a few of the bits of jewellery I have for sale. I can also adjust these and make other things if you want something else or a change to one of these things do ask. More posts will be going up with different kinds of stuff. So far earrings are here.  Ask if you want anything and I can jump it up the queue :-)

Chains/cords can be swapped, and can be provided for things without them for an extra £1.50. Postage will be charged at cost or is free on purchases over £15.

1. Labradorite and silver pendant, snake chain, £25

2. Topaz and silver pendant £12.50

3. Vintage natural Baltic amber, mix clear and butterscotch, £8 SOLD

Copper fish
4. Rolling mill printed copper fish on red cord, 3cm long £7

Onyx pendant
5. 18x13mm black onyx on 6cm long rolling mill printed aluminium £4

6. Super shiny 10x8mm glass cabochon on rolling mill printed aluminium on chain £4

Moon pendant
7. Glazed ceramic crescent pendant, 5cm long £3

Bat pendant
8. Glazed ceramic bat pendant, 5cm wide £2.50

9. Long thin striped shell on a pendant fitting £2

10. Tumbled hematite on a pendant fitting £2 SOLD

11. Large blue howlite disc £4

12. Dichroic glass pendant £2.50

13. Wrapped Aventurine teardrop £3

14. Genuine natural turquoise in matrix £7

15. Fluorite heart on siver bail £7.50

16. Dichroic glass pendant on vegan thong £4

17. Silver knotwork pendant with silver chain £9

18. Vintage Thai silver pendant on chain £8 SOLD

19. Gorgeous huge dark and white labradorite pendant on silver - the picture doesn't do the colours justice £35

20. Large blue, solver and gold glass heart on snake chain £6

21. Purple and white glass with hologram foil on chain £4
22. Green black and silver glass on vegan thong £4 SOLD

23. Blue and white glass with hologram foil on vegan thong £4

24. Gorgeous polished gate with continent like markings, £6



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2nd Mar, 2015 21:18 (UTC)
Oooooh! pretty! And I couldn't order anything from you last time and now I can and it would cheer me right up at the moment - Good timing :)

I especially like 3, 10, and 22.

If I got those and 2 chains I make that £17, which is less than the refund I just got, so that works - assuming they're still available. If not then I'll have the ones of them that are
2nd Mar, 2015 21:45 (UTC)
You're first so they're yours :-)

You can pay by BACS or Paypal. Will mail you the details.
3rd Mar, 2015 07:03 (UTC)
Hurray!!! :D
3rd Mar, 2015 12:23 (UTC)
How long is the Thai pendant? Can I reserve that pending the answer? I presume it's as black as it looks, with small silver coloured detail? Am interested. :)
3rd Mar, 2015 12:28 (UTC)
It.s 3.5cm long by just over 1cm wide at the wide bit
5th Mar, 2015 21:51 (UTC)
Sounds great, let me know where to send PayPal. :)

And if I don't notice / remember, I'm @techiebabe on twitter, and flash@gorge.org (I am v interested just on something of a social media & email hiatus).
11th Mar, 2015 18:26 (UTC)
Catching up on LJ...

Is 4 (the copper fishy) still available? And how long is the cord (because I have a fat neck).
12th Mar, 2015 10:11 (UTC)
Yes it's still available. The red cord is 45cm. I can also add an extension chain to the back for 50p if that would help.
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