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Jewellery for sale

Once again I need to make some money for Reasons, so here are a few of the bits of jewellery I have for sale. I can also adjust these and make other things if you want something else or a change to one of these things do ask. More posts will be going up with different kinds of stuff. Ask if you want anything and I can jump it up the queue :-)

I can add silver wires to some kinds of earrings for £2 extra. Postage will be charged at cost or is free on purchases over £15.

1. Rhodonite and silver earrings £6

Amethyst glass hoops
2. Amethyst glass crystal hoops with tiny green beads £4 (silver wires £1 extra) Matched bracelet available/.

Murano glass and Thai silver
3. Murano glass and Thai silver bead earrings £5 (silver wires £1 extra)

Red, black, gold
4. Red and black glass with rose gold coloured metal £3. Matched Necklace available.
5. Silver and black pearl post and butterfly backed earrings - not hallmarked as I made them at silver working class £8 SOLD

6. Pink wood and resin £2

7. Pink petal with foil bead £3

8. Purple Cloissone with amethyst coloured glass £5

9. Pierced metal with tiny red and silver beads £3

10. Black and pearly white loops with black glass teardrops £3

11. Amber colour foiled glass turtles. Lookit the tiny faces! £4 SOLD

12. Carved fluorite, gemstone and black pearl £5

13. Carnelian in silver stud backs, £6



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2nd Mar, 2015 15:19 (UTC)
Your earrings are so amazing. I wear the ones I bought all the time, and I wish I had money myself to buy more of them! (Especially because I lost or broke two of them lately :(.)
3rd Mar, 2015 13:13 (UTC)
Could I get the turtle earrings please. I get paid Friday.
3rd Mar, 2015 18:00 (UTC)
Yes absolutely. If you mail purplerabbits at gmail.com with your address I will send you payment details. I think the postage will be about another 50p if that's OK.
10th Mar, 2015 12:43 (UTC)
Hi, I can't find an email from you yet. Having done a couple I think postage is more like £1 than 50p. Can you Paypal a personal payment to purplerabbits@gmail.com? And mail me with your address if it's not in your Paypal?
19th Mar, 2015 10:47 (UTC)
sorry I'd forgotten but I've paid now
19th Mar, 2015 13:13 (UTC)
OK, posting that today
9th Mar, 2015 22:57 (UTC)
What size are the silver and pearl earrings? So pretty.
9th Mar, 2015 23:08 (UTC)
Each one is about 2cm by 1cm
9th Mar, 2015 23:46 (UTC)
I'd like to take them, please.
10th Mar, 2015 12:41 (UTC)
OK, UK postage will be an extra £1, so that's £9. If that's OK can you Paypal a personal payment to purplerabbits@gmail.com? And mail me with your address if it's not in your Paypal?
10th Mar, 2015 14:22 (UTC)
Done, with a bit added in for Paypal fees.
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