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So of the list I posted on the 1st I have done...

  • Deal with the mould on the bathroom ceiling - done by painter
  • Get quotes for regrouting, painting and resealing the bath and book someone to do at least the second two (regrouting only if affordable) - done, painter has been and finished, decided against regrouting and sealing in favour of Dettol anti mildrew bleach which is evil and wonderful
  • Get two quotes for new vinyl in the bathroom and decide whether to go ahead with it  - quote a quote I'm happy with, have a vinyl chosen and fixed a time for measuring - they reckon they can finish the job next week
  • Get two quotes for window cleaning. If they differ significantly get a third. This is still argh, I have contacted two companies and neither has got back to me, suspect noone wants the job of cleaning 4th floor windows in January
  • Continue to declutter - this is a tough one cos it's hard to know when it's done. More stuff has left the building since then, including giant double sleeping bag of doom, a bin bag of bathroom crap and a couple of bags to Shelter, and the mattress topper and three boxes of books are going tomorrow
  • Keep the flat clean and mostly tidy so that I can see the benefits of decluttering and more easily imagine holding viewings etc So far so good, I have help from new cleaning person as well as Adam now, so it should be good.
  • Decide which estate agent to go with - think I've decided, but I will look at the figures again tomorrow when I have more brane
  • At the end of the month contact chose estate agent to get started (eek!) - Onward!
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14th Jan, 2015 23:00 (UTC)

*notes the Dettol thing* cos as you'll have seen when you visited that we have EVIL mould of d00m in our bath and we are a bit SCARED of it. K doesn't like chemistry cos asthma and I'm too armbolloxed to do it... K won't let us have a cleaner... :/ So will persuade her to get Dettol.
14th Jan, 2015 23:19 (UTC)
It's this stuff - http://www.amazon.co.uk/Dettol-Mould-Mildew-rem-trigger/sim/B002NPZSPM/2 (real shops have it cheaper than that) It's technically an evil chemical and does smell strongly of bleach, but the smell goes when it's washed off and then you don't need to use it for months again
14th Jan, 2015 23:38 (UTC)
K says we actually had some but it kills her lungs so that's a Barakta job. We're going to try Mr Muscle too cos apparently in a student house this was used on all student-skank... Should be able to get some locally, student area innit :)
15th Jan, 2015 09:19 (UTC)
The evil Dettol is so effective that after it's had a few hours to do its magic (ignore the instructions saying 5 min, you want it on for hours), you don't need to scrub it, just wipe or rinse it off. Does that help with the bollocksed arms issue?

Edited at 2015-01-15 10:55 (UTC)
15th Jan, 2015 09:15 (UTC)
Good lord. Well done that rabbit. I am in awe. And also planning to get the windows cleaned, including R's on the third floor, so I all ask if they do fourth floor while I'm ringing round. Can they be washed from inside the flat?
15th Jan, 2015 09:34 (UTC)
Edinburgh Window Cleaners are coming round tomorrow, charigng £16 for the four windows R and I have between us, and say they can do yours but only if they open up and can be washed from inside the flat. I've used them before, they're fine. 0131-653-2636 or 07775-413-944
15th Jan, 2015 10:33 (UTC)
Thanks for that. They are going to come and look on Monday - the issue might be my secondary glazing but we can but try..
15th Jan, 2015 10:54 (UTC)
And at least they answered the phone! The secondary glazing sounds like it's going to make this a bugger. I'm sure I spoke to someone who did Reach & Wash, but it's so far back I haven't a clue who it was.
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