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Oh woe is me. I hate my life, I hate my job, I wanna go ho-ome! And it's only Tuesday...

I have no idea why I feel so shitty. Well, that's not quite true, there's a few things been pissing me off, but really I ought to be able to cope better than this. I need to think happy thoughts - come on, give me some happy thoughts! Suggest things I could do to cheer myself up, maybe.

Oh, and I can't find my Palm - I've lost my brain! No wonder I'm miserable.


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8th Jul, 2003 07:41 (UTC)

We were going to do girly stuff and take many pictures of potential eBay items on my dummy at some point?

I could also really use picking your brain about a few things, so could meet up for a drink or something?

Not sure if this is what you are after, but thought I'd offer anyway...
8th Jul, 2003 07:51 (UTC)
Both of those sound like excellent ideas - and I need to sell some things, both for the money and the closet space. When do you want to go for a drink?
8th Jul, 2003 08:27 (UTC)
How about tomorrow? I don't currently have anything planned... can go to pub or come to Laputa, entirely up to you?
8th Jul, 2003 13:20 (UTC)
We've got a flat meal tomorrow, but I'll be going to the Holyrood after that. I should be there by 9-ish...
8th Jul, 2003 15:05 (UTC)
OK - 9 ish it is then - I might be there a smidgen later - but I'll definitely be there before 9.30.

Until then! It will be nice to have a proper chance to chat - I feel I pass you by sometimes and you seem like an interesting person!
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