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Left with no TV just a couple of brews

I forgot to mention that in spite of our great courage in getting the TV to Laputa, we still can't watch telly. This is because the aerial seems to have hardly any effect - you can only just tell that's it's plugged in because the fuzz gets worse when you pull it out. I suspect that this is because there is no actual aerial on the other end of the innocent socket on the wall. What's the betting that the landlords don't see this as their problem? I could pay to get an aerial on the roof, but we want Sky eventually so I figured it would save money to do it now. Hence I've been trying to book an installation - and having great difficulty finding out where to get it installed for my tenement flat. Nothing's ever simple, is it?

Oh, and the sanders have finished, handed me back my keys, left their equipment in Mir and say they'll collect payment when they pick it up on Friday - how trusting is that? It's almost like they're anti-cowboys. Now we have to screw our courage to the sticking point and do some DIY on the place. That is, me and Jon do, since Sandy is incapacitated and Paul isn't here. Am beginning to feel hard done by. Still it's not as if there's anything on the telly :-(